NEW YORK: WATCH - Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell’s husband tells his story on The Prison Break. (VIN) VIDEO -
JERUSALEM: BREAKING VIDEO - Security cam captures stabbing of Yeshiva boy and Mayor Nir Barkat holding terrorist.
TAIWAN: DRAMATIC VIDEO - Watch a closeup video of the Trans Asia plane seconds before crashing into water.
TAIWAN: VIDEO - Amazing DashCam footage appears to show Trans Asian plane as it began to crash into water. WATCH -
ISRAEL: Video shows moments after IDF convoy hit by anti-tank missile from Lebanon earlier today, injuring 7. WATCH -
ISRAEL: Number of victims seriously injured in the stabbing attack is now at 6. VIDEO OF TERRORIST - (GRAPHIC)
AUSTRALIA: VIDEO - Dramatic footage moment 1 of latest 2 hostages leave cafe after 7hrs, runs towards police. WATCH -
ISRAEL: Akiva Pollack of MDA, first medic at scene of todays synagogue massacre, details attack in English. VIDEO -
FLATBUSH: WATCH - Boy (13) hit by NYPD Van, tow truck lifts van to remove the child, who is in good unknown. VIDEO -
ISRAEL: SCENE OF TERROR - Watch how terrorist rams his van into group of soldiers waiting at a intersection. VIDEO -
JERUSALEM: HORRIFYING VIDEO - Moment terrorist rams into people waiting at train stop, killing 1 person R'L. WATCH -
JERUSALEM: CAUGHT ON VIDEO - Security camera footage shows terrorist plowing into people exiting light rail. VIDEO -
BORO PARK: FRIGHTENING - Surveillance video shows man on fire earlier running out of building. @staceysager7 VIDEO -
GERMANY: Construction co under fire after fitting a supposedly random set of bricks shaped as a swastika. PHOTO -
ISRAEL: HEARTWRENCHING VIDEO - Parents of Lakewood boy missing in Israel plea for help in finding their son. WATCH -
NEW YORK: Police say they’re closing in on a knockout attacker who knocked out a 72 year old man yesterday. SEE IT -
ISRAEL: SICKENING - Watch Hamas launch their rockets from Gaza at Israel, in the presence of young children. VIDEO -
PARIS: A Bochur was seriously injured during ongoing protests by Arabs outside local Shul in Paris, France. VIDEO -
JERUSALEM: Latest rockets were seen being intercepted over Jerusalem, here’s a pic taken from Ganei Geulah. PHOTO -
ISRAEL: DRAMATIC PHOTO - Young kids seen lying on the street in Bnei Brak as rocket alert sirens were heard. PHOTO -
ISRAEL: Watch video of IAF direct hit on a vehicle in Gaza on friday in which 2 terrorists were killed. VIDEO -
WILLIAMSBURG: Plaque presented to @FDNY for brave rescue of Jewish boy that was stuck in a gate last month. PHOTO -
AD - #LTB2014 Launch Pad U/D: $50 million later [Vid] Apply for chance
ISRAEL: VIDEO - Moment Hamas spiritual leader Hassan Yousef is apprehended by IDF special forces in his home. WATCH -

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