It's ok bron! Cheer up!!
@ihategame wat chu kno about it
I kno a couple of u cats personally that need to be shoppin in this aisle!
Desert time!! ( @Vinylz voice)
I'm about to stir me up a COCO LOSO word to @iamdiddy
Ahhhhh Triple Chocolate Twix!!
#NowPlaying: ♬ 'Put U on the Game' - @ihategame ♪
"If puss and dog can get together, why can't we love one another?"- Bob Marley
I wrap my spliff with the Marley's!
#NowPlaying: ♬ 'One Love' - Trey Songz ♪
RT @FollowLeLe: The illuminati is REAL. Believe it or not. «--they're in Milwaukee too!
Ahhhhhhhhh nice cold glass on horchata! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!
#MM ♬ 'On Da Spot Freestyle Ft A.R.AB' - @CASSIDY_LARSINY ♪ Cass n @DJ_GREENLANTERN birthday special
#NowPlaying:♬ 'A Night Off (feat. Lloyd)' - Drake ♪
RT @VonnasAura #ThereShouldBeAnApp that lie detects --there is
U kno I had to cop the @liftedresearch "Click Click Bong Rip Tee!"
I don't even fuck wit cats and this cat got the nerve to come close to me!
What's in yo cup tonight??
Who got those fuckin #LRGTrees ???
RT @Rico_HLG: I other day I ate 3 of them chicken sandwichs with no bread things from KFC...Boy was I high --this?
#NowPlaying:♬ 'Pregnant (Featuring Tyrese, Robin Thicke And The-Dream)' - R. Kelly ♪
Here's the Gravity Bong on 4/20!! I'm #LIFTED™, wat about u??
@Rico_HLG guess wat I got!!! Gravity Bong!!!

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