Don't use welding goggles or helmet unless they are level 14 & above.
It does look pretty nice & I could also use this as a sun protection hat.
Everyone is saying it's very strange there's a person here wearing a Raiders sweatshirt.
Very spooky, I was about to split this in half as I usually do and it was already in two perfectly divided pieces 😱
Which team will receive good luck 🍀 because I'm here tonight?
Very offensive.
I was brutally yelled at by my very mean x husband for brining this clear bag. Also told I can't bring a hair brush
I don't know if I can trust this person.
Hopefully I win.
A truck crashed and caught the hillside on 🔥
Shut up.
Vocabulary lesson.
He also has a dog
It's like I'm psychic or something.
Please don't be jealous of all this popcorn I have, haters. #ICantBelieveItsNotButter
Tomorrow I'm winning this also. #Seven #7 ⚡️

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