Eily smiling because it’s Friday!!
Luna making lots of new friends!
Seriously enough with the photos- Rocco 😂
Nacho out & about!
Let’s just stay in the shade!! Eily
Can I just stay in bed! Nacho
Eily is over this heat wave! Time for shade
It is just too hot!!! Nacho
And back in the AC! Luna
Eily is happy she found some shade!
Nacho chilling
Lun is happy to back in the AC!
Eily having a little stroll about
Nacho, the long weekend is here!
Eily chilling in some shade
Maya searching for them squirrels
Are those my treats!
What’s up! -Nacho
Maude enjoying some shade
Eily smiling away
Hey Maude!!
When you love your bed more than walks -Nacho
Rocco taking a seat
Maya & Luna hitting the park

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