Luna is not impressed with this rain!
Maude you are too cute!!
Eily taking a break from the heat
Maude smiling for the camera!
Nacho snoozing away
Riley, you are the cutest!!!!!
Luna and her closeups!
Hey Nacho, how you doin!
Maude being adorable!
But it’s too hot to move! Eily
And Luna is happy to be back in the AC!
Hey Nacho!
Are those treats for me!? Rocco
Maude knows how to handle a heat wave
Eily loves her toys
The lovely Luna!
Mo day is that you...? Rocco
Maude cooling off
Eily smelling the flowers
Luna enjoying a shade break!
Did you say Friday!!!? Rocco
Nacho it’s Friday!
Eily, this isn’t your house! Let’s go! 😂

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