Maye’s admiring Gidget’s raincoat #socute
Poor #soggydoggies ☔️ ❤️ #cutenessoverload
In the rain for a wet look photo shoot #model #leashandpaws
Banksy in his #cute raincoat
Tony having some indoor play time, from the rain !
Rocco on the boardwalk! #boxer #cutie
Marnie is happy to be in from the rain
Zoey has her eyes on the treats!
When you get away with stuff cuz your cute
Porscha, Mochi and Cosette hiding from the rain.
Can’t stop loving youuuu #leashandpaws
Marley got a little wet on our walk! #adorable
Rainy walk with Max
....Treats?? Yes, Eddie. Treats!
Mimi looking very festive today!
There’s always more to smell in the rain :) -Hailey #chocolatelab
Finn is ready to play ball #fetch
Capone is happy to be back home and away from the rain!
Maude smiling for the camera
Luna all sprawled out!
Vinny, Miles and Wizzy making a new friend!
Ben being too adorable #leashandpaws
Eily posing with her ball #GoldenRetriever
Insted of having a chip on your shoulder, choose a Zoey on your shoulder! #alwayschoosezoey

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