happy Monday Riley!
Out for a stroll with Kermit and Augie #sundayfunday
Ceilidh and Jersey enjoying the walk
OMG the snow is back! Eily is the happiest puppy :D #tgif
Staring contest ft Milo and the kitty
A little snacking yum!
Caught Charley with a silly face 🤣
Jiemo is loving this weather! #husky #majestic #winterywalk
Maya looking for squirrelcicles #tgif
Max checking out all the scents
Hey Nacho, it’s Friday!
Maude can see the treats!
Rocco was not impressed with this weather
Luna is ready to stay inside from the rain!
Rocco: Seriously human,  stop messing around and give me my treats! #sosilly #lovedogs #boxer #friyay
Edie is happy to be back in from the freezing rain! #tgif
Willy ready for his after walk treats #tricks
Arrow loves being towelled off!
Soggy Mochi lol
Capone wants his treats so bad he can't stay still! #soexcited #lovedogs #cutie
Greetings before we head out #happydogs #friyay
Miles: In case you haven’t noticed, it’s raining.
Is this the only snow?! :( -Eily #tgif
Jett needs some goggles for this rain #tgif

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