It’s windy out today, really feeling it on our tongues πŸ‘…
Sun is going down, time for a nap!
Standing tall and proud 🐢
5 more minutes I promise 😴
Jett people watching πŸ‘€ #SaturdayMornings
Late night walkies
Adora-Bella 😍
Rocco: I know there is more treats in your bag! #smartdog #moretreats
Gidget is adorable like always
Maye after the rain
Eyes on the prize
Happy Friday from Eily! #tgif
Jett has the best ears! #ears #socute
Rainy day out with Dante!
Capone is really not happy that it’s raining #rainyday #NotAHappyFrenchie
Zoey waiting for her treats!
Maude smiling because it’s Friday!
Nacho is not impressed with the rain
Rainy days calls for staying in bed! Rocco
Poor soggy Augie β˜”οΈ #tgif
Nom nom nom Stella!!
Brucewayne just wants to play with his toy!
Popcorn wishes the weather looked like this instead πŸŒ§οΈβ˜€οΈ
Maya enjoying her Friday #rainyday

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