@LordBunn Last week's exchange captured my imagination in ways I still find hard to comprehend.
Bloody hell, my flowers were being a right bunch of drama queens when I got in today.
I am endlessly fascinated by the notion that Mick Hucknall chose THIS PARTICULAR still for his tour promo. LAD.
I wondered why dad was mowing the front driveway in his underpants this morning, he's switched medication.
Giant cat gets into my house, probably wishes he'd gone next door.
Why are you such a snazzy dresser?
If I were a transsexual man this is HANDS DOWN the woman I'd want to be.
An Orwellian pseudo-reality is upon us.
My gran has so much weird shit in her house. A doll, for example, bearing a gleeful post-fart expression.
Doll house murder scene. My gran has issues.
Errm...just opened the bedside drawer in my nan's spare room and
I think my half-blind granddad needs to get a bit closer to his new monitor.
Pretty sure the local pound store has just repurposed a giant inflatable cock and balls for Christmas.
En route to a Sarah Palin convention? Can I come???
Harmonica teacher needed urgently. Payment in sick choonz. Thanks.
LOOK: I turned my stapler into a killer whale! Is it time to go home yet?
Life's four most pertinent questions, apparently.
My mate's nan in her travelcard pic. This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life, period.
Dear productivity. My friends have just arrived so I'll have to bid you goodbye for the rest of the afternoon. Regards, my insulin levels.
Yes, this adequately sums up my day at the office
My groovy free t-shirt from Facebook has a hole in it *secret cry* #PMD
Never seen a more pointless list of TTs since joining Twitter
That's an unfortunate number plate...

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