In a marvellous turn of events, I've ended up with the world's biggest monitor AND you can have it facing portrait
My new business card, complete with pink girly robot. Love it
Shittest cracker pressie ever? My 20-year-old bro really appreciates a good pastry cutter. #gutted @Sacharified
So weird how a fast-moving plane propellor comes out on camera (yes I was bored):
Wow just seen these parrots perched on their front gate!
Come down to my car boot sale, I'm practically giving this shit away!
Riot smoke in Croydon, seen from a friend's flat in Sutton:
Saw this in Glamour magazine. Made me spit out my tea
The aftermath of 3 gigs in 2 weeks. Time for a new pair methinks..
At the Crewe v Cheltenham game - the sun is out and the pies are on order!
Going to attempt these on Saturday. And will probably end up looking like a 6"4 tranny. Who can't walk. #sexy

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