Goodnight y'all! Dream sweet.
@JordPlourde never not ever
I just want kanye! #kanyePutItInMe
@contentwh0re @leilani_leeane was !! Happy birthday from her as well
@contentwh0re ok fine here ya go happy birthday from the car!
@contentwh0re HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR!!!!!!
The fuck?! @ItsTessaLane @leilani_leeane @ItsJessieRogers
That doesn't mean I don't like kids. I fuckin love the lil shits! @Nancy_Potwin
@Annoyedworld happy birthday my darlin !!! I give you bacon and boobs!
Order for one
@ItsTessaLane loves my bed
If @ItsTessaLane @Lia_Lor @ItsJessieRogers and @leilani_leeane were to ever have a baby...
So I was all pumped to go out then this song came on and I cried. Idk why. Imma big ole pussy.
@koganuts @brianstreetteam @Lucyvonne11 I vaaaaaants thiiiiissss
Who's ready to have my babies, because I'm ready to impregnate some bitches tonight!!!!
@danieltosh we think so too...
@astronautalis lookie what I did
@ryandriller #swoon #GirlInGlasses
@madelynxmonroe homie he's still texting me!! Never even responded once! "seriously what planet?!"
So much fuuuun @contentwh0re @danadearmond @sinnsage @Lia_Lor
Whoot @POPPORNBLOG and #420
@MissLoreleiLee I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. :)

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