Detroit Derby Girls action. For real-- it's video.
What's this apparatus called? My stomach muscles are gonna hurt so good later because of it.
♬ 'This Bitter Pill' - Dashboard Confessional ♪
♬ 'ABC Café / Red and Black' - Les Misérables Live! The 2010 Cast, Jon Robyns & Gareth Gates ♪
My skin is great lately-- No makeup. #Paleo
Gonna pick around the rice, but how amazing is this? Paella.
Scully has a drink. #XFiles #xphile
Lunch is... A lot.
The snow falling outside right now is so pretty... So much prettier than I could capture.
Geared up for an evening run in Michigan in January. Wonder if I'll be faster when it's warmer. Less clothes.
Have to speed-read if I want to finish this by the 6th... @amberto
Happy Tuesday!
Breakfast. 2 eggs scrambled w/shallots & spinach, & 2 pieces of bacon. #PaleoChallenge
Breakfast. 2 eggs scrambled w/shallots & spinach, & 2 pieces of bacon. #PaleoChallenge
How cute were my parents (circa 1961)?
Traverse City Salad: grilled chicken, almonds, a few Michigan dried cherries & balsamic vinaigrette. #Paleo
I look cool in my new boots... Or else a hooker. You be the judge.
Icicles in my hair! Icicle. In. My. Hair. Not a booger. Sweat icicle. IN MY HAIR!
Cat not helpful.
My new boots-- I'm almost like a grown-up lady now!
Me & @kcbartlett11 before the race!
Tony & @bistwit

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