@gotimmy Can't get that view, I have the infuriating truncated view (see pic)
Ben the Cat having his daily massage
My home-grown chillis! (Coin shows scale)
Surprised to see crocuses flowering in Autumn #kewgardens
Made it to Kew Gardens at last!
@DollyDelightly He is funny. He asked recently if whales could breathe in outer space!
Cross-dressing real ale fanciers at Earl's Court.
I'm at the Earl's Court beer fest with @matthewsydney
@DollyDelightly That's sweet, but mine just did this:
Ah, that's better!
Another Pimm's, I think!
Red sky at night, Shepherd's Bush delight
@JenKirkman @tommy_tantrum Oh yes! Look there's one opposite my house! Can't believe I missed it.
I'm at BBC Monitoring in Berkshire. Lovely place. I used to work here back in the early 90s. Hard to leave!
I'm fishing for cats
Short, muffled, indistinct video of Blondie in Kew Gardens tonight. Just what you wanted.
Blondie playing tonight in Kew Gardens
Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey. I'm sitting near Dryden.
Inside the Abbey now. Can hear daughter singing but despite queuing for an hour I have a seat where I can't see her.
Waiting outside Westminster Abbey for the annual school concert. Glad it's sunny.
Today I have been working at wonderful old Bush House in the Aldwych. We're leaving it next year, so here's a pic.
@BinaryDad Here's a closer shot!
Been to daughter's school leaving ceremony. Year book handed over by 'old girl' Sarah Greene of Blue Peter fame

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