John Lucas Basketball Resources
I had the chance to play with him and he was about the chi all the time he will be miss and I know he will go on and do big things
So happy this guy got knocked out tonight for what he said about my man D rose humble yourself or the game will humble U
Can't wait for the season to start
 #JazzNation, I need your help. Which rookie should get which doll?
After the game this is one of the best things to do to get your legs back for practice #NormaTec
Park city swag
A 16 year old girl from Alpine, Utah  has been missing since Friday 8/16/2013 here is the the pic n info.
Pops still have it #LIKEFATHERLIKESON with the flame thrower @coachjohnlucas1
The new Kobe8system was suppose to be in the box, but instead they are some beat up AF1
Just got some shoes from Nike and I open the box somebody must have took my shoes out and replaced them with there's SMDH
New Job, New Look, Old Location and changing up his shoe game. Congrats to my little brother Jai Lucas , Assistant Basketball Coach for the University of Texas, Go Horns!!!
Doing a little media
New home this is a updated pic thanks to @Utah_JazzNation got the other pic off of google
My new home lets go #JazzNation
SLC Bound
The homie did it again with this mixtape @propain713 H town stand up new heat for the streets
Camp flow this morning @coachjohnlucas top 5th and 6 graders in Hampton VA
I'm so H town I'm already started to jam my June 27 tape/CD
U sure
Game shoes for 2night
Who is this
@IamAmirJohnson who cares about your bags hold that LOL

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