And one last pic :-)
And another pic of Pleasure Pier
Here's another pic of Pleasure Pier
Cool! Galveston is building "Pleasure Pier", which will look like the Santa Monica pier...
Lol! Here is my truck :-)
 It's in here ==>>
Oh how cool! Birds actually made a nest in this birdhouse I got for decoration :-)
Stre-e-e-e-e-e-etch! Mmmmmmmm... Morning twitter world! I just love waking up to this view :-)
@jmdarling If you mean did we make silliness on twitter, um yeah! I was postin boobie pics & its not even Tuesday ;-)
@Fawneee Lol! On a day I need to get my nails done?! Oh crap! Well his bout this one until Wednesday ;-)
@Fawneee Did you want one like this?
@ZZinsider How's this for a tip? ;-)
@Smiley_FacEsS What hair? #perving
We are having more rain today...

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