PRAY for Brussels #prayforbrussels
Great time hanging out with @lpcis and @travisjohnson73 Amazing new facility - The BEST is yet to come
Declaring favor, blessings and protection over our children and teachers as they go back to school! " Psalm 91:11
@TreavorPound My privilege!! Here is a picture.
Preaching tomorrow  @visionchurch1  ... Hope you can come "Crack the Whip" #visionchurch
Something must have happened!  #Heat
At kids school play!  Cool video:
Something is just so wrong with this picture, it's September!!!!
My afternoon today!
Full moon tonight.
Father Daughter Date with Anna!
@JDougy I must ask, did you fall or was it on purpose? @jadpgilles @reuben_morgan #running
Are you part of the 200,000 + Mile Club?
Are you in the club?
KFC with the kids!!
I'm a wounded warrior today, appreciate your payers for healing! (Sprained wrist + Arthritis)
Father & Daughter Date!
This is "Bamse" our Golden-retriever
You know you have a Bad Day when it starts like this. A picture says a thousand words ☹
@SidMohede Saw this display in the toy store & thought of your desk
Fridays is slipping.  John is so proud that he got a bigger piece of corn than me!
Got to Preach in my Batik shirt from Alun Alun Indonesia, most def felt a New Anointing
@richwilkersonjr & @Pastorpedro representing Miami at Hillsong Conf. Love you guys!
@sidmohede you are a Superstar, I have no idea of what you sang but it was Beautiful!

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