Made a new friend at Royal St Georges today!!
6 Jul 2011 14:06

Made a new friend at Royal St Georges today!! 

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posted by Valerie Morrison 10 Jul 2011 17:06

Rory Mcilroy
Love the picture - any chance of getting a signed one of you and your dogs to auction for PDSA - pets in need of vets (free treatment for pets belonging to those on benefits)?

posted by Sinead Greaney 9 Jul 2011 11:51

Rory Mcilroy He is beautiful!

posted by Sharon Storm 8 Jul 2011 06:47

Great picture! Keep smiling and good luck at the Open!!

posted by Saucy Encounters 7 Jul 2011 20:21

posted by paul mcgarrigle 6 Jul 2011 20:22

Rory Mcilroy happy days ! Wishing ye tons of Irish luck at the open!

posted by luvtosmock 6 Jul 2011 15:10

Rory Mcilroy Our home course, Baxter Creek, has a resident Black Lab named, of course, Baxter.

posted by Pat Walsh 6 Jul 2011 15:05

Rory Mcilroy Good luck, not that you will need it if you play the way you can, in the open. Cheering for you.

posted by Matt Ross 6 Jul 2011 15:03

Rory Mcilroy Love you dog tweets. Fellow dog lover here from Nashville and we're all pulling for you at the Open.

posted by Karl Riddett 6 Jul 2011 14:22

Rory Mcilroy - A man after my family's heart. We are dog rescuers in Georgia (USA). Good luck at the Open! We'll be cheering for you!!

posted by Gary Alford 6 Jul 2011 14:18

Humm would Dav mind another pup to take up ur attention

posted by Adrian Kramer 6 Jul 2011 14:17

Rory Mcilroy black cat = bad luck, black dog = good luck....what an omen for the Open Championship

posted by Alexandra B Almeida 6 Jul 2011 14:09

YOU are the lucky one!!!!

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Rory Mcilroy


European and PGA Tour golfer. Big Manchester United and Ulster rugby fan. Love going back home to Northern Ireland to spend time with friends and family.


All packed for the weekend! World heavyweight title fight followed by Wimbledon final! #carlsbergdontdoweekends Made a new friend at Royal St Georges today!! Awesome gift from  @Graeme_McDowell!
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