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Awesome gift from  @Graeme_McDowell!
7 Jul 2011 16:55

Awesome gift from Graeme McDowell

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posted by Fredrik Andersson 13 Jul 2011 20:14

Rory Mcilroy Awesome gift! Who wouldnt b proud of it? Smilie

posted by napalm 10 Jul 2011 18:35

Rory Mcilroy Norn Iron, the Brazil of golf!! Smilie

posted by Alex Zinn 9 Jul 2011 07:49

wish i was that cup... weird

posted by Elizabeth Sparks 8 Jul 2011 00:21

Rory Mcilroy That is one sweet-ass gift! Smilie

posted by Bas Schaefers 7 Jul 2011 23:00

Rory Mcilroy Next year another golfer from North Ireland and you can make a tritych.

posted by Doug Smith 7 Jul 2011 20:42

Curious as to what the message at the bottom between you guys says. Special gift

posted by Saucy Encounters 7 Jul 2011 20:20

posted by Sue Warren 7 Jul 2011 17:48


posted by Matt Montague 7 Jul 2011 17:33

Rory Mcilroy Are those the actual flags or replica's?

posted by Mark Morris 7 Jul 2011 17:32

Rory Mcilroy where is the 18th from Olymic Club 2012? WIll it be RMc or GMac? Wouldn't a 72hole tie be cool!

posted by Matt Montague 7 Jul 2011 17:28

Rory Mcilroy Are those the actual flags or replica's?

posted by Gary T.F.A 7 Jul 2011 17:16

Rory Mcilroy Thats class PRICELESS ! nice one Legends Smilie

posted by twilightteaser 7 Jul 2011 17:14

Rory Mcilroy What a lovely gift and what a lovely thoughtful guy Graeme McDowell is to send it

posted by Paul Rippon 7 Jul 2011 17:14

Rory Mcilroy If you won a major championship i'd bet my house on it you'd kiss it too. Northern ireland legends, well done lads!

posted by Ian Alvarez 7 Jul 2011 17:09

Rory Mcilroy Graeme McDowell really awesome... and kinda gay with the kissing

posted by Alexandra B Almeida 7 Jul 2011 17:02

Rory Mcilroy That's the true nature of golf !!!!

posted by Spencer Small 7 Jul 2011 16:59

posted by Matt Allen 7 Jul 2011 16:58

Rory Mcilroy What a great picture!

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Rory Mcilroy


European and PGA Tour golfer. Big Manchester United and Ulster rugby fan. Love going back home to Northern Ireland to spend time with friends and family.


Made a new friend at Royal St Georges today!! Awesome gift from  @Graeme_McDowell! I think this picture could be quite appropriate over the next week haha
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