Great to see people cycling into town
Snail update: he made it through the night and the hole is repairing. Went to pet shop for a piece of cuttlefish
Our fillet steaks were off, so this is dinner 😭😭😭
@MmedeBeauvoir I love when Twitter does this sort of thing!! 😂
Just ran to Tesco for “supplies” Guy at checkout gave us a strange look. I don’t really blame him!!
@assfacehayley I have two. Come and walk our shit heads. Lol
Tea, books, blankets and dog cuddles #saturday
It’s a two pints of tea kinda morning
Homemade bread, cheese and charcuterie ❤
This is my glorious life this week!
Time off work means cheese and crackers for breakfast (and a hopeful dog)
Made the mistake of sharing pie with them earlier. This is now our life!
Love Actually and a cup of tea. Perfect!
Chrustamasssss mug!!
I am legit doing a part of Deus Ex that involves moving through a level with a gold penguin… cc @savethelastd4me
@swifteagle hahaha! Awesome! We did one locally last Sunday :-D
@OpenTableUK screen cap of the error. Email address is correct as re-set emails arrive
Did a Santa Dash this morning with @Vinjii  for @StClareHospice the finisher medal is SO CUTE!
@RunningWorks @jopavey @adidasUK @pawsonkeyboard first run in new shoes. Local Santa Dash!
@RunningWorks @jopavey @adidasUK @pawsonkeyboard first run in new shoes. Local Santa Dash!
Thanks! I still need tons more practice but it’s getting there :)
Haven’t put the heating on yet so this is currently the nightly routine!

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