I think he tryna be funny y'all......
#NP♬♬ 'Love Faces' - Trey Songz ♪ don't know how this popped up
#NP♬ 'Ashin' Kusher' - Kid Cudi ♪
Kushies to the face.... No passing in these lanes
I thought she had the DNA of a tiger but apparently I was wrong! Looks like she's #Losing @anjelndisguise
That title is soooooooooo perversive
#TigerBlood! Bout to feel like a #Winner......#Duh
#TwoWords Fat Backs!!
#Smashed! Helluva breakfast!
Fats in his finest! It's cold in the Chi, United to other climates!
I'm bout to be a fatass! One of my co workers just treated the staff to a Chinese buffet... I'm fixna get BUSY!
#NP♬'Take One for the Team (feat. Keri Hilson, Pusha T & Cyhi the Prince' - Kanye West ♪

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