"Racism still alive they be jus concealing it" Kanye
Lol stop hating imma alwsyz be a step a head of them RT @MsNEISH @Mrkhova that means get ur ass yo an do some work lol
The first one is the fuck you ring
KD's momma here where is mine face
Simeon has to win and someone has to lose you gotta suffer first KD
Lebron and Garnett lol i mean Bill Russell
The King Has returned
Lebron Haters!!!
RT @cthagod Lebron James Ain't Dying For You.......
RT @GorgeousFatal Fuck the #HEAT ! Saying it with my chest !!
RT @Mrkhova Next championship Boston get will be from The Revolution
Haaaaa vado voice
I know death come in 3s fab voice RT @DASHMORRIS The celtics bench look like somebody died
The already saying game 7 no if nec. Just game 7
Celtics fans Do you remember the time Michael Jackson voice
Celtics fans name this player
Meanwhile in New York RT @Millien2Billion Bye Lebron
Lol RT @JO_Kool87 Im out vag every where and all i can think about is 24hr mcdonals mass ave RT @Mrkhova: Im hungry tho
RT @Mrkhova
RT @Mrkhova I'm on my goodie prowl
RT @JustSayRugby Seeing My Nigga Kobe Get Vanessa Back Is Dope ... Real Love , Most y'all hoes would've took half & ran wit it

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