Merry Christmas Gianna Michaels!

MsGiannaMichael's 2011 stats:

MsGiannaMichael shared 1 Mobys, that's an average of 0.0 a day, MsGiannaMichael received 2 comments, this aggregated 2,822 views! That's an average of 2,822 views per Moby!

MsGiannaMichael's Moby 'I look so lost in this picture #solost' posted on Wednesday 6th of July 2011 was the most popular this year with 2,822 views and 2 comments. On the front of this card you find MsGiannaMichael's top 5!

Did you know?

You can follow your friends on Moby directly?

There are over 1300 third party clients and websites using the Mobypicture API to make their applications and sites social?

We’re about to relaunch the entire Mobypicture website and services in a few weeks? Introducing some really great features and improvements.

Best wishes

We wish you a healthy, great and adventurous 2012! Shoot and share!

- Mathys, Ronald, Fredo, Berry, Bram

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