Headache is like a hangover without booze. I'm hiding in the bubble bath for a while as the rain belts the window
So a bit of a restless night then!?! I'm exhausted & I've a photography job/meeting shortly. I need tea!
Can't even concentrate on reading tonight. So it's tea, Netflix & Daredevil #SoAwesome
It's been four seasons in one day today. Time to snuggle under the duvet. Good night x
Good Morning, have a great day all x
Can't sleep
Movie Night!!!
My boy is away on his school trip. He's a 100 minute journey away from me but it feels like he's away to the other side of the world. I miss my boy #Autism
Happy happy #weightlosswednesday @SlimmingWorld
@SlimmingWorld #freefoodfeb lushness
@SlimmingWorld #freefoodfeb lushness
@SlimmingWorld #freefoodfeb lushness
@SlimmingWorld #freefoodfeb lushness
Last night we tried baked potatoes with lemon herby (Mixed herbs, garlic, tarragon & black pepper) chicken. Lush. #slimmingworld
Totally in love with the Dolphins again!!!
I maintained after a weekend of over indulgence. Happy with that! #slimmingworld #weighinwednesday
I've been such a foodie this week. Craving & a personal celebration where no fecks were given. I'm expecting a gain, just hope it's not massive! #weighinwednesday #slimmingworld
Weigh in done and dusted. There was a loss so I'm happy :) @SlimmingWorld
Weigh in done and dusted. There was a loss so I'm happy :) @SlimmingWorld
Weigh in this evening & my scales at home say I've gained! Feck, was doing good too! @SlimmingWorld #weighinwednesday
Yes!!!!!! @SlimmingWorld #christmasweighin happy happy happy!!!!
Weigh in due in just under an hour!
Hope there's a loss or at least a maintain.
New packs tonight too!!! #wishmeluck @SlimmingWorld #weighinmonday
Weigh in this morning
Christmas tree is up. Hello December #BlueArmy #AlwaysLightItUpBlue #Autism

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