Guess you can see downtown Calgary from here.
Yup, no drugs “cure” #t2d #diabetes. Thankfully, you don’t need drugs.
Front of the Q400 bus to Calgary
Not my exact plane to Calgary, but one like it. 😑
On WestJet today from Toronto to Calgary connecting thru Edmonton. No status, or much in the way of Delta MQD, but got the Exit Row. 👍🏻
We've got Timmy's. First time I've had it black. Definitely better with cream.
You know you're in the airport early when Timmy's isn't even own yet. 😴
Tight connection in SLC but had just enough time to use the facilities before boarding for YYZ, where I hear the weather is lovely. 😭🌧❄️
Today's final destination is Toronto, but first: Salt Lake City.
You know you're at the airport early when the SkyClub is closed.
I don't buy books often. May not have needed to buy this one, but it's useful to have something I can refer to offline.
I don't think my blood pressure has ever been this low. It was similar at the doctors office earlier today. 👍🏻
Feeling like Pho today.
Today's Starbucks name. Clearly I'm not at @gigdrivestarbucks #wtf
Kinda wishing I used my upgrade certificate but Comfort+ is nice for the long flight back to Seattle.
Was treated to a nice view landing in Schiphol this morning. In transit back to Seattle.
It's bedtime. 😑
Thinking I look a wee bit different than my passport photo, which was only taken last year.
Between forgetting to take my meds and what I've eaten the past day or two, some fasting is clearly in order. 😳 #bgnow #diabetes
Gotta have the shakshouka at least once while I'm in Israel.
Need lots and lots of this 😳
Feeling like the treadmill this morning. Not sure why, but I'll go with it. The view is not bad.
It's not the beach, but it's still a nice view.
You find the damndest things in Israeli convenience stores

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