It's snowing outside and I'm sitting out on my patio in front of my fireplace. What's it to ya?
I finally made a thing. And now I can use my gas grill without voiding the warranty. 👍🏻#nt
Light snow outside, but its quite pleasant out with a new coat. And fire in the fireplace. ❄️🔥 #nt
Far too long since I've owned a pair of these. Not that I'm big on brands, but it's nice to have the option again.
Yes, you read that right. Six longshots. 😬

Melanie at @gigdrivestarbucks is a trooper for putting up with my constant requests for blonde longshots.
Trying four *longshots* of Blonde Espresso with a splash of heavy cream. Will have to try it without another day. #nt
Looking good forward to using this to punch a few more holes in my belts.
Starbucks time
Pretty dramatic before and after photo. Then again, losing 90 pounds (40 kilograms) in a year is pretty dramatic.
Back at @gigdrivestarbucks after a week in Vegas
Not a bad looking day in the Puget Sound as we're coming in for a landing at SeaTac.
Liking these upgrade odds.
Been a long week in Vegas. Fueling up for the short flight home.
Now the badge is right. #CPX360
Pretty sure I can manage with this hotel room
Back in Vegas for #CPX360
Get to sit up front on the short flight to Vegas.
A wee bit foggy out there for the shiny metal tube travel out of SeaTac
First time using the Delta SkyClub without taking an international flight. Definitely better to hang out here. 👍🏻
Getting ready for #CPX360 in Las Vegas. I'll be properly attired at least.
Recharging all the things
Recharging myself, and eventually my phone.
Just updated my Workflow I use to log my blood glucose into Apple HealthKit to display numbers in mmol/L as well as mg/dL. You know, so I can have conversations with people outside the US about my diabetes 😝

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