Prime Rib after a long but successful customer meeting.
The carrots were surprisingly tasty. The meat and shrimp was pretty good too.
Apparently the Jets's mascot is Mick E. Moose. He came to our suite to cheer the Jets on. #Hockey #GoJetsGo
When in Canadia, do what Canadians do. #Hockey #STLvsYWG
Today's destination: Winnipeg via Vancouver on Air Canada. Not my first choice on several accounts.
During the month of October, this tree in my yard is the clearest sign of the changing season.
Day 4 of stitches. Looks a lot better than it did on Monday.
I can't remember the last time my Eight Ball Deluxe machine was mostly in working order. Just took getting the right person to come look at it and replace a few bad components. Chalk up!
Mimi doesn't care that my finger is injured. She still demands to be petted.
My finger will look worse before it looks better. Doesn't hurt thankfully.
Rainbow over Gig Harbor
Last night's incident with the veggie slicer resulted in 8 stitches. Ugh.
It's been a good week for  my step count.
I guess AT&T has rolled out WiFi Calling now.
Mimi is up in my grill demanding I scratch her face.
The fall colors are coming out.
Passing by the pond on my walk.
The Tides band is out playing for the ALS walk.
This is how it ended. Gig Harbor vs South Kitsap. #RollTides
At this point, I'm feeling sorry for South Kitsap. #RollTides
The Tide has come in. #RollTides
Homecoming weekend. Gig Harbor warming up to play South Kitsap. #RollTides
My new iPhone is properly outfitted like my old phone was. #49ers #49erfaithful #49ersforlife
Work laptop is closed. Officially on vacation.

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