The Euro...
Quite the lunch. Am afraid to check my blood sugar after the desert, though.
Thai Food.
This Seafood soup was pretty good.
Post-breakfast Cappuccino
I've eaten a lot of other stuff tonight in addition to this. All good.
One of *four* condom machines in the bathroom at Cafe Chaos.
One of my German colleagues brought me here for lunch. Lots of cool vending machines in here. The food was alright too.
Glad I looked out my hotel window this morning. Great view.
They're calling #MIAvsPHI in German. Fortunately I don't need to listen to the talking heads...
Going simple tonight: Cobb Salad, Beer, and time-delayed American football.
Fall in Frankfurt
Last time I was in Frankfurt I took a tour on the river. This time I'm just taking a walk.
Frankfurt Skyline from my hotel room. Gonna go wander around a bit.
If you're going to tell us to use the space under our seat to stow bags @Delta, actually provide some.
First time I've been in a Delta Sky Club. The food is way better than I've had in United lounges.
I'm not a fan of @Delta's "no seat belt extension in exit row" rule. Reseating eliminated my legroom but I ended up next to an empty seat. So that's something.
The one good things about planes is they don't hydroplane. Like I was doing on the way up to SeaTac. 😳
I remember when these were phone booths 20 years ago. Now they're just a place to sit with power.
It's that time again.
Playing with #rebelsauce on the controversial Red Starbucks cups...
Not my usual coffee at not my usual Starbucks.
Always feel (and look) better after a haircut

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