The view from the Check Point office in New York City is pretty good, especially on a clear morning.
That’s a lot of sushi and sashimi. It was good!
There’s a decent beer place attached to my hotel. Trying the Jolly Pumpkin Noel de Calabaza. A little sour and fruity.
Post-dinner latte, decaf shots, with heavy cream. 😋
Chowder and Wings
Locked and loaded for Philly
Kinda missing out on Comfort+ this morning but it’ll do.
I spend more time in shiny metal tubes than I do my car.
When I log my blood glucose, I can now see my stats. And I can see they are clearly trending in the right direction 👍🏻 #diabetes #T2D
Chalk up!
Fasting achievement unlocked.
We meet again, Delta. Heading back to Seattle for a few days.
Not my usual afternoon espresso and water, but shiny metal tubes are involved.
You don’t see a biplane every day.
Workflow replaces yet another app for me: Sugar Sense, which can’t seem to show me this simple calculation without crashing half the time.
There are worse office views
One those those rare days where I’m in the office
Pho with a friend
Wish I always got seats like this. Maybe a little more often once I achieve Diamond Medallion status?
Shiny metal tube time again
Nappy kitty
The post-espresso coffee
A colossal cock-up by @gigdrivestarbucks. On the plus side, my four shots of Espresso ended up costing $0.66. And I got a shedload of stars in the process. 👍🏻
My coffee and water are ready and waiting for me. Great service by @gigdrivestarbucks!

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