- We've got Indian for dinner! And it's amaaaazing! :-D
- drinking Desperados and watching Maybe Gaga in the White Rabbit, Plymouth. :-)
- Here we are!
- very lucky to have a beautiful sunny day for our field trip!
@fryfan20 :-D You're welcome! x -
@fryfan20 Won't be long now... -
The view from our hotel. Right at the hilt of the pier, in the middle of everything. Ideal. :-D
lmao Since when have condom machines stocked fake Viagra?!
My Perfect Pizza delivery. In the oven! 2.5 hours wait then gotta cook it ourselves! Never again.
A rainbow!
My maths textbook seems to think you can round-up some of a rabbit to a whole rabbit. This worries me!
sick of seeing all these gits littering #Aion with shops. Camp out of the game if you're AFK for long, let someone else have a go!
Curled into a perfect ball. :-)
So small!
Cute cat.

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