She didn't want to be photographed. So, here's my compromise.
My granddaughter Nevaeh was so miserable with an ear infection. Glad to see her recovering. You can use my office anytime, little girl.
Woke up and was greeted by Nevaeh saying "hi". She wanted me to carry her baby (a little doll). Love it!
What spirit-filled worship & life-changing sermons  @shorelineatx!  @RobKoke is doing it right: humble & effective.
Does anyone out there use their keyboard shortcuts in iPhone?
My granddaughters. Sweeter than cupcakes!
Look at the weather this week in central Texas. It's going to feel like California all week long!
Avoid the Santa Claus cycle. Don't let a calendar devaluate you.
Merry #Christmas to all my #twitter and #facebook friends.

The best gift is you! Give yourself to your loved ones!
My posing sketch for my upcoming family portrait (of my family).

#posing #photography
My self portrait for 2011.

#selfportrait #photography
Your camera phone can help you practice portraits with natural light, like this pic of my granddaughter in bright sun
I haven't been in Toys R Us in over 10 years!  Now I have grandchildren. we go again...
Had a good time with my mom celebrating her 75th birthday. Now relaxing in McAllen before the drive back tomorrow.
It's 7:30pm and still pushing 100 degrees outside. Feels good. Plenty of Vitamin D for everyone!
When I said, "egg, bacon & potato", I didn't mean "mashed potato"!!!

(at Taco Deli)
This is my view at Dell Hospital, waiting for Nevaeh to come back from her CT scan. Love my granddaughter so much.
Wedding starts in 15 minutes. I'll be accompanying the song "E Isso Ai" on acoustic guitar.
Gotta love the buffalo head at Huts Hamburgers!
NO WAY! A stealth bomber just flew over us in Brownsville, very low to ground, coming from the south headed north!
What feelings or thoughts does this image convey?

(Taken a few minutes ago in a Catholic church in Brownsville, TX)
It's a gorgeous morning in McAllen, Texas. Going to take breakfast to my mom and have a morning visit.
Weather had us planning for indoor shoot. Now it's back on for outdoor in 90 min. Quickly packing my gear...
Watching her shop and playing with the LoMob photo app.

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