@AlexQuinnLA I read this in a book written by @themichaelcaine. Thought you'd find it amusing
@Just_Becka just for you !!! I'm going Friday any other player you want ?
Tree at Staples Center ... #Amazing
Dwight and Metta
What's up Dwight ?
Dwight and Metta chillin'
What's up Dwight ?
Tequila on the rocks with a splash of soda and a ton of limes #sensible !
After watching #MagicMike, I realized what women liked physically, so I decided to get started. 

#GoHard !!!
Up over $1,100  @HUSTLERCASINOLA and  @TheRealLisaMB isn't even dealing to me ... #ImagineThePossibilities !
Just doubled up !!!  @HUSTLERCASINOLA
@HUSTLERCASINOLA trying to make my $200 into $2,000
Remembering when I saw the #beautiful @donnavivino in #Wicked with @isaacboots
Golf with the family in #DC at #Burning Tree
The Philly CheeseBomb at @sodapopsla is better than anyone I've had in #Philly.
Early Morning Gym !
It's my baby's birthday !!! She is so delicious.  @Brandi_Roach your not so bad either !
@ArianaGrande this is me in the sandbox on @RealFayeDunaway roof in #NYC #flashbackfriday
Got the rib platter ... Full rack of course !  #amazing

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