How #sexy is this?! ... #JuiceItUp #DoItRaw
Among the many things I love about you @ShannonLeto, is your amazing style  ... xo
@JaredLeto Saving money on haircuts Samson? Snip, snip ;) ~ Cheesesteak x
Haven't sent you a sunset in quite a while @ShannonLeto ... Here's one from my hike the other night ... Xo
New blooms from my garden ...
Intestinal bacteria that almost killed me this summer: F#%k You! Just call me the comeback kid!;) (crappy lighting)
@30SECONDSTOMARS What happens when there is a convergence of ...

Healthiest drum kit I've ever seen...Wouldn't you agree  @ShannonLeto ?
@JaredLeto @ShannonLeto It's playoff Sunday,are u watching the games?If not, I've smthg 2 interest u: food.From Cheesesteak's vegan cucina!
I learned this lesson real hard ...
Totally in love w/my @BrevilleUSA juicer. Thx Breville for designing such a gr8 product!
@JaredLeto Can I interest u in dinner?Spaghetti squash w/homemade from scratch vegetable-infused marinara sauce. #vegan
Here ya go  @LV_30STM
Ik ik, but what the hell?;) RT @MARSStore #MARS merch item of the day #Echelon Level Red Wristband
@MerceNobody Dear sweet talented Mercé, I just rec'd your portrait of Shan today. Best bday prezzie ever!:) Love you lots ... Xo
No apologies ...
Nevermind about #ThrowbackThursday ... How about a #Then&Now? #GoodTimes w/ @ShannonLeto
This is a bit snarky & irreverent but it gave me a chuckle ...
If only ...
How can anyone be unhappy when animals give us so much love?
McDeath does not sell healthy food, nor does any orher fast food restaurant...don't be fooled by their advertisements.
I love this & it's so very true. Can you name the 3 things?
@MARSStore I happen to own this fine piece of merch ... The wolf is my spirit animal:)
Here's a close up shot ... RT @eskimofaraway @RedPlanetWoman @30SECONDSTOMARS Wonderful!!! *___*

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