Mia looking for her ball in the snow..
warmfuzzy winter sweater from @Pinkbunnyr my hat has got a TAIL!!
Mia: I must go! my people need me!!
dis our dawg Mia doing HIGH-PAW!! hee hee
iz doin new Extreme Sport! - DOG SURFIN!!
OWW!!! my EAR fell off!!!   WAAAhhhhhh!!
and @pinkbunnyr sent ZackRabbit dis jersey!! hey, Zackary, who's duffy?
my new outfit from @pinkbunnyr ! I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU!!
here's @zackrabbit intently watchin TV...
Waht? NO, I wasn't licking any icing... *shifty eyes*
some days, it's best to just relax and take the day off!!
iz #planking on my brother @ZackRabbit
what is @zackrabbit doing?
I invented a new sport! PaperTowelRolling!!
*whisper* shh shh!! see @ZackRabbit getting in da shower?! hee hee
shhh shhh shhh!! *silently gigglin* *whispers* don't tell @ZackRabbit! how much u think i can get 4 it?
shh! shh!! *whispers* dis pic of zackary puttin on his pjs! hee hee!!
*whispers* ok, here's grouchy Zackary brushin his teeth..
*whispering* ok, dis how @ZackRabbit sleeps!! *giggle* *snicker snicker* .. shh shhh shhh!!
@ZackRabbit and the Coffee Pot
@ZackRabbit Eating Breakfast
do dese jeans make me look fat?

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Hi! I'm Rufus! I help my brother @ZackRabbit, u might kno him. I like food!

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