My niece's laugh is too funny.
"Somebody say AYO!!" ♬ 'Ayo!' - Andy Mineo ♪
@OneRepublic's new album is good but this is by far their best song yet. ♬ 'Good Life' - OneRepublic ♪
Secret Church with @rlowman11 @OldMushyGrapes @emilybpierce & twitterless Chris, & Drew. #awesomeness #SC13
@yram_nelle42 This still cracks me up.
Far beyond what I can see and comprehend, etching your eternity in me. ♬ 'You Are My Hope' - Skillet ♪
@randyhoneycutt2 during the winter months. #PuffyCoat
James 1:23-24
#SongsThatNeverGetOld ♬ 'Till Kingdom Come' - Coldplay ♪
Rockin' the Tweetsie Railroad shirt. Man, I loved that place.
#ForKingAndCountry free iTunes download. #Yessir ♬ 'The Proof of Your Love (The Monologue Mix)' - for KING & COUNTRY ♪
@JenLedger = best drummer. ♬ 'Monster' - Skillet ♪
Jesus was a rebel. He was counter culture. ♬ 'Rebel Intro' - Lecrae ♪
"My life is full of pain problems and such, but I'm focused on forever, in eternity's touch" #I'mGood
This song is really growing on me.
That'll add a lot more tension to the UNC, state game Saturday. As if there needs to be anymore.
This song goes hard. #ManUp #116  ♬ 'Man Up Anthem (feat. Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, PRo & Andy Mineo)' - 116 ♪
Christmas card from my nieces and nephew.
Ecclesiastes 2:14
How cool would it have been to witness this? #Acts2
"It'll be a day like this one, when the world caves in."♬ 'The Blues' - Switchfoot ♪
Back on tha juice! #NOxPlode

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