Now playing ♬ 'Retroist Podcast – Episode 97 – The Retroist Halloween Special III' @Retroist ♪ "Revenge of Robot Voice"
I literally can't believe the incredibly cool friends I've been lucky enough to make. Thanks for the bday gift @siraim!
Hmmm. What could this be, a strange box addressed to "Smashly Smasherson"?
@oraymw I enjoy #dndenc homework. My fellow adventurers ask me for buffs before each session. I sell them for gold!
The coffee will fix me.
Now playing: ♬ 'Sci Fi Noise Ep. 24: A Look at The Syfy Lineup' ♪ where @derekcoward describes my panicky phone skills.
Page 1 of Godzilla Legends preview from @IDWPublishing! Make sure you pre-order this bad boy!  #readcomics #Godzilla
Now playing: ♬ '9.10.2011: Interview w/ Adam Alexander of The Monster Project' - Godzilla geek, Kyle Yount ♪ @kaijucast
@boxwatcher Next to mine, maybe. I'm sure they are way cool, though! (*cat in a short box lid)
Waiting for me when I got home tonight from @gregpak. Thank you, sir! #VisionMachine
New comics came today (five weeks worth), including Hulk sweetness from @RyanStegman!
Japanese version of Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster for the win, baybee!!!
Not sure what I've found here, but I'm notifying the National Guard. I hope they've got Maser Tanks.
Happy ECTOber!
I'm shirtless here. Just because you can't tell doesn't mean it's not so.
You are not ready. #Godzilla
Public Warning: this WILL be the greatest Godzilla comic book ever. By @IDWPublishing and @kaijusamurai85
X-men First Class was the first. Meet the second Blu-ray for my collection.
Character sheet: updated, Twitter buffs: printed, Dice: enchanted. I'm ready.  #dndenc
This is the one I am about to buy. Think it's most bang for my buck. Old TV is dying quickly, so delay isn't an option.
Just had a client drop this off. She got a new job and was very appreciative of my assistance. This makes my day!
As the geometric shapes indicate, Hasbro was right all these years. Shame on you who doubted their wisdom. #yojoe
@ClaymationHowl Yeah! New hardcover I had my LCS order for me. Got it in combo with one of Bill Mantlo's final comics.

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