Thanks to the fine folks at Dungeons & Donuts, new premades for #dndenc this week!
Looooove .....
Exciting and new!
(thanks to @retroist) #comics
@TheAngryDM Yeah, definitely will. I got him this.
Police get an APC for dangerous criminals at #OccupyTampa. "bullet resistant..virtually unstoppable..can reach 60 mph."
Research the event before calling these numbers. Uninformed and ambiguous complaints often cause less good than harm.
@reichgs Drow Sorcerer. Dazzling Ray daily does 6d6+7 radiant damage. You get the new character sheets?
You Cannot Evict an Idea... #ows
As a liberal, I am eager to get through Thanksgiving so I can resume the War on Christmas.
@ClericsGNL @JohnVFerrigno Thanks, guys! What kills me is a box o' comics waiting for me when I got in. It taunts me!
Now playing ♬ 'The Incredible Hulkcast Episode 24' - Luke Foster and Ryan King ♪ Cobra-la-la-la-la!!! @hulkcast
Gah! Die, child-proof medicine cap! Die! Die!
Now playing ♬ 'Retroist Podcast – Episode 97 – The Retroist Halloween Special III' @Retroist ♪ "Revenge of Robot Voice"
I literally can't believe the incredibly cool friends I've been lucky enough to make. Thanks for the bday gift @siraim!
Hmmm. What could this be, a strange box addressed to "Smashly Smasherson"?
@oraymw I enjoy #dndenc homework. My fellow adventurers ask me for buffs before each session. I sell them for gold!
The coffee will fix me.
Now playing: ♬ 'Sci Fi Noise Ep. 24: A Look at The Syfy Lineup' ♪ where @derekcoward describes my panicky phone skills.
Page 1 of Godzilla Legends preview from @IDWPublishing! Make sure you pre-order this bad boy!  #readcomics #Godzilla
Now playing: ♬ '9.10.2011: Interview w/ Adam Alexander of The Monster Project' - Godzilla geek, Kyle Yount ♪ @kaijucast
@boxwatcher Next to mine, maybe. I'm sure they are way cool, though! (*cat in a short box lid)
Waiting for me when I got home tonight from @gregpak. Thank you, sir! #VisionMachine
New comics came today (five weeks worth), including Hulk sweetness from @RyanStegman!
Japanese version of Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster for the win, baybee!!!

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