Dora Loves Swiper As A Friend
Dora, Boot And Swiper
Swiper's Halloween Costume
Swiper In His Bunny Pajamas
Swiper In A Cat Car
Dora, Boots, Swiper Together
Dora & Swiper
Dora, Boots, Swiper Having A Sleepover
Dora, Boots And Swiper
The Babies Of The Forest In The Past. Swiper, Benny, Boots, Tico, And Isa
The Big Wind Thats Trying To Blow Swipers Funny Bunny Away
Swiper's Funny Bunny
Cowboy Swiper
Swiper Loves His Puppy Book
Swiper Loves And Holds On To His Funny Bunny
Dora Helps And Cares About Swiper
Dora, Boots & Swiper Having A Sleepover
Grandma Fox AKA(Swiper's Grandma) Hugging Swiper
Dora, Boots, Swiper Having A Sleepover Together
The Wind Thats Trying To Blow Swiper's Funny Bunny Away
Gifts For You And Gifts For Me. (Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure)
Swiper Gets A Bag Of Presents To Share
Dora Hugs Swiper
Cute Swiper

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I do Swiper screenshots mostly. You can use them for many things, Pictures for your little ones to hang up, computer backgrounds etc, (:


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