I've learned I'm a little obsessed with C.C. deVille. Still :) #Poison
Waiting in Poison & def leppard!!!
Jut found a cool pic from my beach AM runs. I wore my favorite  @htfudotcom shorts and new @merrelloutside shoes!
Oh HELL YEAH!! It's on!!! @bodybeast @bbsuccess 

Wanna play? Get yours http://bit.ly/tbshops #beastmode #fitness
Oh HELL YEAH!! It's on!!! @bodybeast @bbsuccess 

Wanna play? Get yours http://bit.ly/tabbenedict #beastmode #fitness
Line for the apple store for #taxfreeweekend #westernma

Avoid at all costs!
#westernma - what is this thing?!
@BBSuccess Two weeks ago I couldn't button these. I hit the #resetbutton and fixed that. :) final weigh in Sunday
Only ONE of these left to go! Moving into Phase 3-Restore #resetbutton #ultimatereset
@M_Somerville THIS is a salad! And yes, I will eat it all! :D I hope your day is better today!
I seem to be saying this a lot today...
Hey @Bronc787 I have a new favorite shake!
@Bronc787 found it at Stop & Shop!
It's here!!!! Time to detox and reset my body. I better find my subs! questions? Just ask. #beachbody #reset
STARVING after #turbo & #piyo tonight so, vanilla whey + fresh cherries + water down the hatch!
@LocksLove after
@LocksLove before
@LocksLove 12 inches of gorgeous blonde hair coming to u!
Isn't it "Hear Ye Hear Ye"? Especially for a hearing center?! lol #westernma
June Challenge groups firming now! I can't wait to see what you can do! http://ow.ly/1MKUzr
#Reality check: before&after touch-ups. Pls don't compare yourself & your progress to celeb photos <3 yourself #fitness
@shaunTfitness I was pleasantly surprised I could do this! # insanity #asylum #beachbody
My callouses from the weight room really hurt today. That's always the case on chest n back day! #insanity #asylum next

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