@sylv666 Look!!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present this years Xmas cake!
Who knew you could bake your own #Greggs sausage rolls?
I am down to my last 7 teabags! How has it come to this!? Must buy more today. My phone will remind me.
So basically it's like this, for dinner I am having potatoes in gravy because that's what I want and I'm a grown up so I can!
Just saw this picture on the Daily Mail website.

#captioncontest waiting to happen!
And this, new Twitter, is why you can fuck right off!
Ahh #Christmas!
Jimmy's excellent tshirt. He wanted you all to see.
It's time for #pantomime :-)
Was on my way out and couldn't work out why one leg felt longer than the other.
The moon looks extra icy tonight.
At Madame Tusaudes' and Barlow looks more lifelike than on #xfactor!
Being a big kid today! It's Father Christmas in concert. :-)
Gutted! ;-)
*GASP* There are no, I repeat NO caramel velvets in the tin! I have been robbed!!! #cadburyroses #fail
Oh shit! The Christmas chocolate just fell open!

I absolutely adore being a grown up.
@InactiveRebel I have those pj bottoms! Not wearing them at the moment though.
In lush, apparently they now sell Worzel Gummidge's poo now!
This may look like a cupcake but it's much more than that. It  is my salvation.
The chocolatey countdown has started!
A warning to sunburned arseholes everywhere.
And (last one) who remembers this?  #memorylane #yummy
And who remembers this?  #memorylane

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