You have to visit @sweetstorela at &handhcenter I was in candy heaven this morning!
Enjoyed my behind-the-scenes @Disneyd23 Studio tour with amazing tour guide @EpsteinJeffrey
My dd wore Sienna booties from @childrensplace today! Only a child could pull off Animal print and stripes.. :)
Wow! Awesome Halloween fireworks display at @Disneyland #epicmickeydlr so cool seeing it with  @DisneySisters
Play time at the Epic Mickey 2 event #epicmickeydlr the game looks AMAZING!!
#epicmickeydlr dessert!!
Mashed potato martinis at  #epicmickeydlr
Double dusting at #campspooky  @knotts @Southinkucanmom
Kooky cookie painting at @knotts #campspooky
Yummy breakfast at Grizzly Creek Lodge  #campspooky
Pocahontas checking out  #campspooky
We are at #campspooky so cool!!!
Excited to watch this #Disney classic. Can you believe this is my first time seeing it?  @DisneyPictures
Wouldn't be a #WiiU party without Mario!
Getting into Just Dance 4! #WiiU
Wouldn't be a #wiiu party without Mario!
Happy hour at Jamba Juice! $1 16oz smoothies!
My dd testing out the new #mattelmicrodrifters she approves. $5.99 for set of 3!
Illustrator Joey Chou signed a cipy of It's A Small World for me @ 2day's  #DisneyBabyStore event! My favorite ride!!
Getting ready to get a look at the new #DisneyBabyStore at  @AmericanaBrand
Honoring military moms with Operation Shower at the @disneystore opening at @AmericanaBrand #DisneyBabyStore
My dd visiting @pbskids .org Watching Daniel's Birthday! When something seems bad turn it around & find something good!
Enjoyed chatting w @brigittaLA at the  @FreshBrothers event! I still can't believe that our girls were at camp 2gether
After! Yum  @FreshBrothers

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