Treating my shopperholic to wagamama yum
Best line from #Frozen -
“Some people are worth melting for” - Olaf

Funny & true ;)
Festive fun in front of the fire. Making a gingerbread house together.
#Christmas #cosyWinterNights
Granny dropped off the Christmas cake for JR. She’s now getting a full demonstration of JR’s toys
Starting off with left over coal before my hard work chopped logs, but lovely all the same. Very cosy
@theJeremyVine it’s all kicking off in #Manchester
@deargentcaller here it is. Can’t see much in this, but not keen on it tbh. OH likes it though so may have to keep it
@MENnewsdesk listen to your public @ManCityCouncil most of us are happy to fund our local police force!
Love waking up to a red sky sunrise over the hills.
Give me countryside living over inner city any day.
We have a tiny #Christmas tree too! Growing it for our future Christmases together x
Sofa for sale with matching arm chair. £160 for both.
Arm chair for sale with matching sofa. £160 for both.
One sign I will be enforcing this year
Rewarded for my manly tree search & recover mission with a lovely dinner for 2, homemade pizza by my OH
Just confirmed that porridge with protein, glutamine, creatine & bcaa isn’t actually that nice. Back to drawing board
Managed to get a break tonight! 3 hours late, but at least I got one for a change & I’m able to watch the tree
Freshly cleaned and ready for another blast in the hills over the weekend.
#loveMud #lovePuddles #mtb
Can’t change a man? Seems my other half can. Now own a onesie and drinking hot vimto.
I’m not going soft, honest!
@ddmxxxx I'm eating a banana in my 'office'. Breakfast is important, grab it where you can regardless!
December has started even if I've been a little late with my skylanders calendar.
And home made popadoms.
And now it's time for home made chicken curry for a winter warmer #yumYum
Called off at my favourite spicy ingredients supplier. Love ASM - yum

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