"And the sun breaks thru' the clouds across the bay..." Time to go exploring!!
... followed by a leisurely breakfast
Quick cup of coffee while I'm answering my messages...
The bed is very comfortable
Yes - the view will do just fine!
Making sure there a good view of bay from my bedroom window...
Have a few of these - got stacks more!! @Kolo_Martin @mogsbear @OllyTed @SophiaFuzzy @marshallsheldon @tweetypie54
Screenwash needs topping up... @Kolo_Martin
Another spin cycle, I think! @Kolo_Martin
Call these clothes DRY?? @Kolo_Martin
Washing day... @Kolo_Martin
Toasting @Kolo_Martin & the troop - cheers!!
Found a good bar already...
How many folks you know can work a BlackBerry with their FEET??
Auditioning tracks for @ShaynaCat's next DJ set
Mom likes her coffee dark as baboon fur
Checking out the pizza-making facilities!
Been catching up with the news
On my way to my new home...

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