Thanks @ISMsaddles for my pit bike. Obrigado ISM pela minha bike de andar nos boxes.  @CGRindycar @IndyCar
The boys doing their thing. Pit stop practice. Treinando pit stops  @CGRindycar @IndyCar  @NTTDATAAmericas
We worn out the rookie
First trip to @IMS today. Shooting a commercial with mom @LaurenBohlander. @NTTDATAAmericas  @IndyCar
My new toy for this year. New colors.@NTTDATAAmericas . As novas cores pra 2015. #Sinixxxtro
#tbt Last dinner together. 2011,Great times. Teammates forever. @dariofranchitti  @BryanHerta @danwheldon.O último jantar juntos.Bons tempos
Nice and easy run in the humidity of Miami this AM. Corridinha leve agora de manhã na húmida Miami. Bom dia a todos
And look who is on tv. My teammate and the winner of the Rolex24.  @jamiemcmurray  @CGRTeams
I wish I could get that one. Indy Car is not paying much now a days. Hahaha. This is the one
Gym time.
@IndyLinda7814 that was a compliment. Not meant to say I was her mentor at all.
As per @JennaFryer article today road nd street courses r not my strength I went testing.Maybe I will learn one day.
This is what we do on the weekends off.  @h3lio. Isso e o que nois fazemos nos finais de semana livres.
Hora de trabalhar. Time to go to work.  @IndyCar
And whit that I'm going to bed. Good night everyone. Peace.
I see youuuuu....  @dariofranchitti
Hip-hop by  @12WillPower
Throwback Thursday from the right to the left. Me, (light brown suit) @BJUNQUEIRA (black)  @h3lio (red)
@WadeCunningham @Hinchtown mine is better sorry. lol
Things that happens when you leave on a motorhome. Chasing a little mouse that ran away from me when I got to the bus today
Bela surpresa dos amigos da  @ItaipavaCerveja hj de manha aqui em casa. Muito obrigado. Nice gift from my friends at Itaipava. Thanks guys
Nice to see you too, Jeff! @jeffraymondRC
New Business TM?  @dariofranchitti lol ....
Aposta paga @rubarrichello Paid my bet with  @rubarrichello. Blonde for a day.

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