Beat maker software
19 May 2013 13:41

Beat maker software
While the 80s were certainly a milestone in the history of electronic music software, they were far from the end of the story. The dying years saw Steinberg release what was to become their monster of all products of today - Cubase. The very first version suddenly gave us back a view of our music that we were once used to from analog recording with real instruments and real score - this time in MIDI form.
You can see the familiar layout which became the layout of the majority of DAWs ever since (and it's no surprise given it's the obvious logic layout) but yet again it's what was hiding under the hood that really set this as the benchmark for years to come. I can’t think of any serious electronic musician of the time who didn't own an Atari ST and a copy of Cubase - it was in studios amateur and pro around the world!
Now, of course there is a multitude of Beat making software available, but one that really stands out is BTV Solo by BKE Sound. Built on the Beat Thang by Dallas Austin it allows the creative musician the freedom to make top quality songs in an instant.

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