We know that kids live for recess. Component Playgrounds' metal playground equipment will transform your schoolyard into a haven of fun and excitement. Shop Now! http://bit.ly/2oYaZvP
Component Playgrounds Swing Set Survives Extreme Category 5 Typhoon
Commercial swing sets from Component Playgrounds are perfect for schools, HOAs, and apartments, PLUS we even install other essentials like picnic tables, bike racks, and park benches. http://bit.ly/2FZwlob
?? Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the pig, and the year is 4717 ??Read more http://bit.ly/2MFuuVR
Component Playgrounds builds metal swing sets and playground equipment products to the highest standard of quality. Shop Now! http://bit.ly/2gfbfm7
Kids Who Play Outside are Less Likely to Engage in Bullying
Monkey bars are not only a kids' favorite, but provide some of the most challenging opportunities on any playground design. Get yours here http://bit.ly/2SvEDGQ
We couldn't agree more! Swing sets from Component Playgrounds are made from galvanized steel so everyone can enjoy them, no matter your age! http://bit.ly/2gfbfm7
Component Playgrounds Swing Set Survives Extreme Category 5 Typhoon
Stand 'n Swing! What a fun and new addition to add to your swing set! Get it from Component Playgrounds. Get it here http://bit.ly/2KLyeUk
Kids Who Play Outside are Less Likely to Engage in Bullying
Component Playgrounds Swing Set Survives Extreme Category 5 Typhoon
Are you looking for playground equipment for your HOA? Our playground professionals can help you select from our pre-designed swing sets or even help you design a unique play structure that fits your budget. Check out our fun play structures and place your order today! http://bit.ly/2LPGx20
Balancing equipment such as this helps children of all ages develop coordination skills. The in-ground posts are welded to the beam for simple installation. Great for parks, schools, and even at home! http://bit.ly/2AqnebK
We're just swinging into this cold Monday in a full-bucket swing. How is the weather where you are? Comment with an emoji. ?? ??? ?? http://bit.ly/2TomBGu
This swing set really is super! Our super swing set  features monkey bars, swings, trapeze bar, buoy ball, tire swing, and more! What else could a kid ask for? Shop Now http://bit.ly/2SwJLdW
Benefits of Play for Kids with ADHD/ADD
The winter season offers endless opportunities for creative fun and physical activity. Here are 16 free or cheap ideas for the kids http://bit.ly/2TQ1Pkj
Does your family own a swing set from Component Playgrounds? We want to hear from you! ????? Leave us a Google review to tell us how we're doing. Thank you in advance! http://bit.ly/2r8AtJ9
Rock Climbing Wall for Playground
The Post Swing saves room in your backyard which leaves space for more toys! Order yours online and get FREE shipping ?? http://bit.ly/2NdEF6Y
Zip Climber
?? Tips To Keep Kids Safe On The Playground This Winter http://bit.ly/2P3Omle
Constructed of powder-coated galvanized steel, our swing sets are smooth and maintain their strength so your kids can play safely and comfortably. The powder-coating is weather and rust resistant to protect against cracking, chipping, or peeling. Shop Now! http://bit.ly/2P1BLzR

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Component Playgrounds

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Component Playgrounds is based in Salt Lake City, UT and supplies playgrounds, swingsets & outdoor play structures for residential and light

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