Omfg, Justin Bieber!! ♥.♥
Enjoying this theme! Simple and yeah, I really like it. From TweetPear's purple and blue to this!
First text message I received this morning. Fudge. Rest in peace, Aj Perez!
Hey brother and cousin. You know, you could do those things tomorrow and go to sleep now na. Hahaha.
Igai o, somebody doesn't know where you live. :-" Hahaha! @MVitangcol @ysabelvitangcol
Aright then. @MVitangcol's on her way na HER. Hahaha. Gotta move faster now. Bbl!
The hell? I didn't take the entrance exam here naman. I didn't even apply sa school na to. Trolol.
Whatever you say, Jonathan James Esguerra. 8-| Mabait na bata your face, meanie and liar! Hahaha!  @timesmaster
Me to @WrittenTruth: Let's talk about something else. :) How're you? || ... and then I get this ♡
Jeeo, go online tomorrow instead. Good luck and God bless on your last day of exams!
Hi, baby boy ♡

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