Be Present
Even when it's clear that a divorce is best for everyone involved, the prospect of facing financial issues can be daunting.
Client Testimonials
Adoption and Surrogacy Attorney in SLC, UT
The Financial Challenges of Divorce with Kids
Protect Your Energy
Second Marriage Success Rates in Utah
Annulment Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah
Gratitude During The Hard Times Of Divorce
5 Divorce Concerns from Kids and What to Do
8 Ways Children of Divorce Love Differently
Choosing To Grow
Fatherhood and Passing The Baton
Setting Boundaries
One of the many reasons to hire a divorce attorney is to prepare you for a successful court proceeding - making a strong impression on the judge and being prepared to answer all questions in a manner that will benefit your financial case and protect your relationship with your children.
Your Happiness Is Up To You
Still have questions about alimony in Utah? Contact Us for a FREE Consultation. Call 801-441-2388.
3 Steps for Accepting Divorce and Moving On
It's All About Perspective
Guide to Overriding Negative Thoughts After Divorce
Utah, the first step for a court deciding whether to award alimony is to determine the couple's standard of living during their marriage. The court will also consider the current earning capacity of both spouses.
Co-parenting Made Easier
6 Unique Ways to Use Journaling For Divorce Recovery
Blending Your Family

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