Friends are invaluable, especially during a difficult time like divorce.
It's a good day to have a good day!
Divorce is often a painful experience and can turn your entire life upside down. The following advice can help you accept your divorce and move on.
Divorce is a serious subject, but sometimes, you just need to laugh (or, at least smile)!
Our brain needs serotonin to be happy.  Here's how to raise your levels
Here are three common reasons why prenups are declared invalid.
Some morning motivation from Will Smith
Happy Friday everyone!
5 Helpful Tips for Negotiating a Parenting Plan
3 Myths About Child Support in Utah
Have a great week, everyone!
Utah district court can modify a child support order from another state if it has jurisdiction.
It may not be easy, but it's worth it.
Pre-nups have become a common way to protect the nest egg and ease the divorce process, should it become necessary, but they can actually increase the risks inherent to any marriage.
The right friends will help you build the emotional bridge to your new life.
Don't wait for things to get better. There's always something you can do to feel good.
In order to adjust child support payments, you must prove a change in the child's medical needs, a paying parent's illness or disability, a substantial increase or decrease in either parent's income, or a change in the child's residence.
Why Avoiding Conflict isn't the Same as Resolving It | Our Family Wizard
Prenuptial agreements were once a plaything of the rich and famous. But as divorce becomes more common and the media reminds us how financially devastating it can be, "prenups" have increased in popularity.
Kindness is contagious and the best way to get it in return.
Investing in friendships and knowing who to turn to while going through this difficult process can ease emotional burden.
Make lemonade out of lemons
The key is not getting stuck in it.
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