Anyone looking to change an existing child support agreement should contact an attorney for assistance.
Do you want a divorce mediation? We can help!
Here are 6 lessons you can learn from this man's divorce.
These co-parents are #parentinggoals.
Know more about #ModifyingChildSupport in Utah at Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law!
Contact Wall & Wall for a free consultation regarding the modification of child support arrangements in Utah.
Looking for a divorce in Utah? Contact us today!
Courts take into consideration a wide range of factors that serve the best interests of the child.
Call Wall Legal Solutions at 801-441-2388 for a FREE, no-obligation #FlatRateDivorce consultation today!
Who's happy it's the other parents weekend? #divorce
Co-parenting amicably is always a great goal for divorced parents. #coparenting #divorcetips
A #SplitCustody arrangement splits the children between 2 parents, rather than all the children living with 1 parent at a time.
Know your rights as a father. Choose the right attorneys to protect them! #fathersrights
We educate you on the various forms of custody and how each one effects you while ensuring your legal rights are protected in courts
Whether you're having an amicable divorce or a tough fight, you'll be shocked by what some of these women went through in their divorce!
This divorced couple still takes a family portrait with their son. Will you still take family pictures with your kids #postdivorce?
There are two different facets of child custody, they are physical custody, legal custody. Click to learn more
Would you buy a coloring book to help you get over your divorce?
If you're looking to modify your divorce, contact us today! #PostDivorceModifications
3 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer on your First Visit
Physical custody dictates where a child lives, while legal custody refers to which parent can make important decisions regarding their child's health, education, religion and overall wellbeing.
At Wall & Wall Attorneys at Law, we provide experienced divorce and family law representation.
Do you know what your legal rights as a mother are?
To learn more about Joint Legal and Sole Physical Custody click here

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