If you're in need of free or inexpensive assistance after a divorce, we've provied a variety of different resources to help. https://walllegalsolutions.com/resources-people-going-throughpost-divorce-utah/
To ensure the well-being of the child, both parents are expected to pay for any uninsured medical expenses that may be accrued.
If this is your first Halloween post-divorce, here are some great tips! http://bit.ly/2hDsAX1
To change your name, you need legal documents such as a divorce decree. Follow these steps to update your name after a divorce. 
Divorce affects the whole family no matter what steps are taken to make things as easy as possible. Learn 6 ways to help your child heal 
Did you know many universities offer low cost or free counseling? If you need someone to talk to, check with your school to start. https://walllegalsolutions.com/resources-people-going-throughpost-divorce-utah/
We believe in helping mother's know their rights in a divorce. See how our experts can help you today! http://bit.ly/2gRmW1b
3 Tips to Successfully Manage Co-Parenting Conflict http://bit.ly/2gvrsoe
Parents have a legal obligation to support their children, married or divorced. Learn how child support works in Utah and more. 
If you have no one to watch your kiddos in the event of an emergency, check out our resource page for free child care assistance. https://walllegalsolutions.com/resources-people-going-throughpost-divorce-utah/
Did you agree to be with your spouse until death do you part, but sadly, it didn't work out? Learn 6 important ways to let yourself heal. 
If you are having a hard time through a divorce, we've created a resources page to help you find the assistance you need  https://walllegalsolutions.com/resources-people-going-throughpost-divorce-utah/
During high-conflict divorce proceedings, children can bear scars greater than those of the feuding couple. Avoid that with these tips.
If you need help filing for paternity, a protective order or have questions about prenuptial agreements, give us a call today! 
If you're experiencing domestic violence, here's a list of phone numbers and shelters you can get in touch with for help  https://walllegalsolutions.com/resources-people-going-throughpost-divorce-utah/
If your child is withdrawing or demonstrating unusual behavior after the divorce, help them in any way they need it. Here's 6 ideas 
Some kids take a divorce very personally and even blame themselves  Here are 6 ways you can help your child or teen after a divorce  
What you say to kids through a divorce makes a big difference. Learn 4 ways your extended family can help, instead of making things worse.
Do you have so many divorce related questions, you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin? Here's our list of divorce FAQs to help. 
It's important that you prioritize your own well-being after a divorce. Here are 6 ways you can begin caring for yourself right away. 
When out-of-pocket medical costs for your child start to mount up, divorced couples need to be ready to split the expenses together. 
3 Tips for Thriving Financially After Divorce http://bit.ly/2fE35ob
Are you getting divorced and your spouse is in the military? Learn about how retirement and benefits are split.
If you are going through a divorce and facing difficulties, it's okay to seek help. Check out our resources page to get the help you need. https://walllegalsolutions.com/resources-people-going-throughpost-divorce-utah/

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