Some married people do not understand the complexities divorced people experience. Remember that they aren't in your shoes, so nothing was meant to hurt you.
How Long Will It Take to Get Over a Divorce?
There are advised steps you can take to impede your divorce recovery and things you can do to improve your recovery.
This is not a step-by-step list. You can either do one, a few, or all of these to feel better. Surely, doing all of them on the same day can boost your mood faster!
As trusted divorce attorneys in #CottonwoodHeights #Utah, we always first strive to take a mediation approach on your divorce case.
8 Things Divorced People Want To Say To Their Married Friends, contact Wall Legal Solutions.
10 Things To Remember When You're Overwhelmed With Problems
Getting an annulment isn't something that that can be taken lightly, and it is not something you should consider trying to handle on your own. A knowledgeable family law and divorce attorney understands how to annul a marriage because they know how to build a strong enough case to compel a judge to get one granted.
How To Stay Positive (When You Know Your Life Sucks)
The law demands all marital property must be divided equally among the partners. Therefore, if the partners can't negotiate a settlement, then they will ask a court to divide all their marital property.
Most people forget that division of debt is just as important as division of property. With most Americans, this usually includes: debts for luxury purchases, mortgage, car loans and cash loans.
Do you know what works and what doesn't work in your favor?
Coping with a breakup or divorce can be emotional and painful. These practices and tips will help you heal and move on.
Any time you're feeling down, you have two options: 1) keep doing what you're doing, or 2) do something to try and pick yourself back up.
3 Tips for Coparenting After a Divorce
Have a great Monday, and don't forget your sassy pants
We understand that the dissolution of a marriage is difficult, whether it is an annulment or a divorce. This is why we do everything in our power to make our clients as comfortable as we can throughout the process.
To help you make it through a difficult divorce and separation, here are 3 tips on how to recover emotionally after a divorce.
What should we do with marriage mementos? Read our blog for suggestions.
Let an awesome dad know he is doing a great job
When a couple divorces, the division of assets in Utah can become a difficult situation to handle.
You are working toward winning custody of your child, but are you doing it right?

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