I don't know her by her name, just by her tattoo..Lol
Hov thought he was the only one that can send them home in cabs ..
That auto correct is a MF
This is my shit B  @KDyear
@Roneka_I_Am set your alarm .. I called her too @ 1:27.. Lol
She didn't answer so I left it on the v/m and sent her lyrics via text.. Ish gonna be real in the morning
4 20s
I'm everywhere !!!
Just give it to Kobe  lol @MrPorter3001
This nigga ill.. Got his gun license and ready to shoot  over $10.. Lol
@tinataleur pictures explain a lot of words... Lol
The songs is jus made for some ppl Cheated by  @dee_brooks produced by me.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drmAjFytL9g&feature=youtube_gdata_player #TGeA ...
@ican_only_be_me it's over rated .. Look how much I pay for one kid.. She's only 1
@Dopeboy_Wanna_B you left your sz 26's over here
My feelings are hurt.. Smh
Thanks @ToodyBitch for helping knock digits off my tab
@ToodyBitch is a bold MF for taking Cincy
@Dopeboy_Wanna_B you called me asking about my old model. And I'm  trying to focus on the new model ...Sky
That gold plate means money!!
Hahaha Such a loser RT @ImStillJuice I still sing my ABC's to see which letter comes first...
@HDKG  @TChef_Boyardee ..Ross should have one... I only listen to 4/out of 10

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