Gaming on the 46 inch whilst @Sshantastic is at work! Much better than my widescreen monitor!
I feel a bit safer in my little 'Foxhole' #Arma3
Ha ha ha love this photo! ... Get 'chalking' Taylor! #Darts
Halloween... Any excuse for a little drinky poos!
@shancalfe its actually Touche... as in Touche Turtle! Dum Dum! :-)
"Don't Read My Lips" ...Something To Hide John Terry? #TheSun
@kthcollins66 DVD cover
Why do all #royalwedding souvenirs look cheap tacky and chintzy as f*ck ???
Who's the Joker at the Ramón Sanchez Stadium??? #fcblive
The Ghost Town of Pripyat nearly 25 years later on #Fukushima #Chernobyl
The Chernobyl disaster will be 25 years next month and the town of Pripyat still lies empty! #Fukushima
"You take my hand and give me Your friendship, i'll take my time and send you my slow reply" #Ultravox
Just what i need... Shit loads of Census Forms! With no end in sight!
England Top The Group for now after a great win over South Africa #cwc2011
I want to know if this twat has got a job and a proper tattoo yet? #JeremyKyle

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