Great weekend at #santapod 

#dragstalgia #dragracing #RatTrap #fuelaltered #altered #nitro
#tdf #bbccycling #cambridge great atmosphere this morning!
#bbccycling #tdf #cambridge more from the view along King's Parade today.
#bbccycling #cambridge #tdf had a great view this morning :)
12 red #roses delivered to me today at work ❤️
My #advent #window :)
Goodbye wardrobe, hello charity!
Currently at mcdonalds wondering why people are staring at me =\
The wrapping paper I ordered is here!! :)
Smexy wheels ^_^ #weld #promod
She's got a fab arse! :) #promod
Our new racecar :) a '70 duster. She's a beaut! So excited when we got her on Friday, I almost peed my pants.
My eyelid is now gigantic. I really don't look pretty and I won't aplogise!
@1Bibson he's crap. He just keeps teasing us by putting it to his lips. Meanwhile this guy looks awesome. Poke him
Who'd have thought... You get to Florida and find that you have to drive bumblebee around for two whole weeks!
Sun and Brandon Flowers ^_^ nice.
Tf funny car up to the line  #santapod #nitro
Top fuel bunny ears! Not bad for an iPhone. Bunny ears are header flames btw! All normal :)
I'm at Santa pod raceway, Bedfordshire... Derek Flynn is ready to run! :)
Yet more super fun!
Test weekend madness continues! I've gone to heaven.
@DutchieDude2  @Justin_A  @veedubhev more fun at the test weekend! 
@DutchieDude2 @Justin_A having a grand time at the test weekend!
What on earth has Sixt done to this BMW o___O as I was waiting for the hire car in Germany I saw this monstrosity.

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