Why is Amia staring at herself in the mirror? Lol.
This mans voice is bliss!
@TheMavsMistress happy birthday Mrs. 41!!! Happy birthday @swish41 !!!!!!!!! <33333.
Can you understand this feeling????
His guesstimating time... 45 minutes!!! He's in Greenville right now. Is that right?
My King! I take orders from her! Crazy kid of mine lol.
I look fat! Blah!!! Might have to change!
Aiiiyyyyy Romeo!
"I was bright but she was much brighter. I was high but she was the sky. Oh baby I was bound for Mexico!"
Oh my Geesus I want this fucking shirt! Mrs. 41, yeah that be me!
Sleepwalk.... - Santo & Johnny.
Happy fathers day to an amazing man!!! We miss you everyday!! So glad you have 1 more day til you get here.
With @StephyKillsss & Jessica!
Anyways, getting ready music...
I would break it just so he could stay behind!
@bbylynsmom no ma'am.
Words from the beautiful Aretha Franklin
Romeo santos... How you calm me down with your sexy ass voice!!!
Wtf is this trying to tell me? ✋
This will be my next one... Should I buy? I'm just trying different colors. Lol.

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