Hairy caterpillar ID, anyone? Black and hairy, 3-4cm, feeding on brooklime (hanging precariously above the pond).
“Dad, I found this on your computer. Is that YOU?”
Been in THIS mood for a couple of days now. No other music will do.
One of his friends… “Never been unemployed, grandkids are respectful”. Well, er… that’s nice.
I’m not good on fritillaries, @savebutterflies - is this a Pearl Bordered? (suburban garden in Epsom, few mins ago)
Or maybe… #blackmootal
Large Red Damselfly, sampling the fennel. Look at his little face!
“I am no longer a member of the band Spandau Ballet & will not be performing with the band in the future.”
I love this soundtrack - lovely wistful Englishness
Round here, that means this lot. I use Barton’s quite a lot (including collecting my @hivestores orders there).
The recipe I’ve always used seems to have vanished, but fortunately I’d Evernoted it…
Had a post-bicycling cold shower. Sat down for 20 minutes, now sweating enough to justify another shower.
Just a tiny typo there… “delivering for Rupert Murdoch”, surely?
“Oh shit, he’s back!”
I flippin’ love the Troutbeck valley.
Did you get one of these, @RichardBowler1? Sainsbury’s customers “protected” from small, timid animals.
Simplistic? Maybe, but her dismissive attitude to Europe suggests an intention to pull closer to Orangetwat.
Sod it, this drizzly gloom isn’t going to change any time soon. Pub and a good book, I reckon.
I’m tempted to paste this Wikipedia excerpt (about the Early Bumblebee) directly into their “Metaphor” article…
Not as daft as it sounds; freedom fries had an earlier precedent…
I answered this one correctly, but almost couldn’t resist one of the incorrect choices.
Ah, wait… terrorism is actually caused by people smoking weed. With experts (sic) like these, who needs experts?
Instead of simply condemning ISIS hatred, @DailyMailUK takes a detour to slutshame a traumatised young singer.
I’ve been taking this woman to task over her simplistic use of census data (guessing she’s never left the USA)

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