Cynical Christmas marketing at @Natures_Voice Pulborough Brooks the other day (two shovelers shovelling).
Very nice walk along the river Arun today. The weather glistened obligingly.
This red admiral came to say hello today. A bit pale and ragged, but happily DOING HIS THING.
No hawfinches today, but I feel certain my stunning shot of a goldcrest’s arse will be up for several awards.
I mean, how can you NOT vote @LincsCathedral in the #cathedralworldcup?
Ashamed to admit I fell for the Russian ads on Facebook. I’ve bought a tractor and collectivised part of Epsom.
A cosy family evening in the post-Brexit gloom… “Daddy, has Mr Dunt always been so sad?”
3. Joule’s Moon Madness. Probably too strong to be a mild (brewery says “dark ale”) but it went well with the others
2. This one, from Branscombe Vale in Devon (no Twitter)…
The ones that grabbed me last night… 
1. Cheval Mort from @brewstersbrew (Lincolnshire shout-out!)
@bandcamp My collection page has gone kind of… empty! (OSX El Capitan, Safari 11.0). Is this a known issue?
Tiny red leaf, suspended on a spider’s web.
“Why do we never play at YOUR house? Oh yeah, your Dad, right?” (*shudder*)
Did UKIP find their new leader when he came 3rd in a Paul Nuttalls lookalike competition?
@ArobasMusic Hello! In GP7, is it possible to position whole-note rests at the start of the bar (not in the middle)?
To paraphrase a popular football chant, “52-48 and you fucked it up, 52-48 and you fucked it up”.

Pushkin Spice.

“You spilled my double half-caf soya latte, you twat”
It was a bit of a rambling question, so you might have missed these tweets :)
I think he’s gone off me a bit.
Ah well, it’s lucky I saved it for you.
Easiest way is on the main Twitter website - go to and click the three dots by “Follow”…
“The Japanese court were then treated to a demonstration of the traditional dance of her people.”
The Japanese lady’s going “it’s just the same pot pourri we use for all official functions, but she LOVES it”

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