Pushkin Spice.

“You spilled my double half-caf soya latte, you twat”
It was a bit of a rambling question, so you might have missed these tweets :)
I think he’s gone off me a bit.
Ah well, it’s lucky I saved it for you.
Easiest way is on the main Twitter website - go to and click the three dots by “Follow”…
“The Japanese court were then treated to a demonstration of the traditional dance of her people.”
The Japanese lady’s going “it’s just the same pot pourri we use for all official functions, but she LOVES it”
“Hey Theresa, would you like a hamburger?”
Shocking drivel from @HighwaysEngland: “improve people’s journeys”. By destroying something older and more precious?
Same silver spotted skipper, taking advantage of the warmth of a passing lady’s finger.
Silver spotted skipper on scabious, yesterday (mostly moaning about the bloody cold wind)
Silver Spotted Skipper on Scabious, yesterday (mostly moaning about the bloody cold wind)
Seeing both of them in the listings for 1984 TOTPs on iPlayer, I’ve been joking about this, but it HAPPENED!
Found a photo I’d taken and forgotten about last year. I hope this tree got over his existential angst.
And on a strawberry flower. This seems to be an unusually good year for them… just seen 3 or 4 fluttering around.
When the small and (seemingly) insignificant is striking and beautiful. Mint moth on strawberry leaf.
Hairy caterpillar ID, anyone? Black and hairy, 3-4cm, feeding on brooklime (hanging precariously above the pond).
“Dad, I found this on your computer. Is that YOU?”
Been in THIS mood for a couple of days now. No other music will do.
One of his friends… “Never been unemployed, grandkids are respectful”. Well, er… that’s nice.
I’m not good on fritillaries, @savebutterflies - is this a Pearl Bordered? (suburban garden in Epsom, few mins ago)
Or maybe… #blackmootal
Large Red Damselfly, sampling the fennel. Look at his little face!

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