I answered this one correctly, but almost couldn’t resist one of the incorrect choices.
Ah, wait… terrorism is actually caused by people smoking weed. With experts (sic) like these, who needs experts?
Instead of simply condemning ISIS hatred, @DailyMailUK takes a detour to slutshame a traumatised young singer.
I’ve been taking this woman to task over her simplistic use of census data (guessing she’s never left the USA)
I’ve never been into Bond films, but I like this Roger Moore quote…
First result on Google, paid for. They’re rattled, aren’t they? Let’s make them even more rattled, eh? #DementiaTax
Robbie’s going to do his nut when he sees what Jimmy’s planned for his rockery.
Not that it really matters, but…
I told you we were in for a storm.
Of all the lists I’ve been put on, this is my favourite, thanks to the monumentally thick Vicky.
We’re lucky to have Tina on hand. IN OUR TOWN. Look, her address is on the council website. Oh, wait…
Ewell may be part of the same tiny Surrey borough as Epsom (“Epsom & Ewell Council” innit) but it’s MILES AWAY.
You’re not going to believe this… HE LIVES IN EWELL. Practically foreign.
Election excitement! Bravely surviving letterbox damage, here’s Tina Mountain of Epsom & Ewell Conservatives.
The line “we’d all be speaking German” always gets trotted out, but that didn’t seem to be a Nazi plan…
Had a little beach holiday last weekend. All the bars were really expensive and there were no deckchairs for hire.
Chard! This was a six quid pack of seedlings last spring, still going strong.
Well, if Jeremy Corbyn is a Mugwump, I’m pretty sure Boris Johnson is Dr Benway…
@richard_littler @JuliaHB1 Terry Collier…
I.T./computery/geeky friends…
His use of “aspirational” is what got me. With the perfect combination of circs, sure. Most people never get that.
Brilliant new hashtag, lads: #JeSuisSaboteur
Hello @WHSmith, how do I report a piece of offensive extremist literature that I’ve seen in one of your branches?

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